Our Mission

The mission of AAAM is to play an educational and training role to support medical aesthetics doctors to react in a balanced manner, responsibly and credibly, to meet the growth in demand by consumer-patients. AAAM does this through a faculty of mainly part-time medical doctors who are highly experienced in their own fields of expertise in aesthetic medicine.

Our Vision and Goals

Arising from our mission, AAAM is continuously seeking to help raise standards of know-how and skills through AAAM courses; through closer collaboration with other aesthetic medicine bodies; through ethics advocacy; through sharing practice economics of aesthetic medicine; through advocating that aesthetic medicine can complement conventional medicine and others such as dermatology, cosmetic or plastic surgery; and by organising medical congresses and medical ventures summits. AAAM is also looking into the possibility of supporting more evidence-based trials.

The UIME and the AAAM

In European countries such as France, Italy and Spain, medical schools teach basic medical aesthetic as Europe was historically the birthplace of aesthetic medicine ever since Dr. J.J. Legrand, the French endocrinologist, coined the term 'aesthetic medicine' in the early seventies. In response to such aforesaid trends, in 1975, a consortium of doctors, including Dr Michel Delune, a Belgian dermatologist, founded one by one, the national societies of aesthetic medicine in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain and, finally in 1975, the Union Internationale de Medecine Esthetique (UIME) was formed. Today UIME has 30,000 individual members globally across 29 country bodies. The UIME hopes to bring together in a community physicians and paramedical experts from all over the world and of different specialties who are involved in aesthetic medicine practice and issues, as a new medical specialty meeting the needs of the global community.

In 1992, Dr Michel Delune migrated to the USA. After seeing the need for a quality training body, he founded the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) in 1999 which also became a country  member of UIME.

Today, AAAM is dedicated to providing doctors with training on the foundation of the science and art of aesthetic medicine. The practice of aesthetic medicine is not the sole prerogative of any single medical discipline. Yes, there are doctors who devote wholly to aesthetic medicine practice just as there are others who apply aesthetic medical procedures alongside their respective fields of medicine.

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