These are just a few of this year's exciting topics on the congress program that covers everything from challenges in the field of Aesthetic Medicine to innovative procedures and techniques.

Keynote Address 1: Latest Developments in Skin Aging Prevention & Sun Protection
By Dr. Susan Obagi
Associate Professor, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery                               
University of Pittsburgh

Keynote Address 2: Thread Lift for 2022. Improvements and Tips for a Good Result and to Postpone Surgeries
By Prof. Mucio Porto
Plastic Surgeon                                                                                   
President of the Brazilian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Acne & Skincare Management

Dr. Michael Akl, Aesthetic Medicine
Latest Concepts for Acne Vulgaris Management

Dr. Kseniya Kobets, Dermatology
Latest Update on Acne Management
Dr. Omnia M. Samra-Latif, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Integrative Approach to Acne
Dr. Contessa Salvador-Alapag, Dermatology
Micro-Toxin Intradermal Injections for Acne Prevention, Sebum Control & Skin Tightening
Challenges in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Michael Akl, Aesthetic Medicine
Facial Anaphylaxis in Aesthetic Medicine

Devices - Body Sculpting & Toning

Dr. Michael Felton,Aesthetic Medicine
Solid State Vaginal Laser for the Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: A Preliminary Report

Dr. Nadine Hamada, Dermatology
My Experiences with Laser Hair Removal: What are the Options and How to Make the Selection – LHR Tips for Better Results
Dr. Brooke Jackson, Dermatology
The Use of Lasers and IPL on Darker Skin
Dr. Alain Tenenbaum, Plastic Surgery
Medical Treatment of “Bingo Wings” by Chemical Myoplasty
Facial Aesthetics – Combined Techniques

Dr. Susan Obagi, Dermatology
Combined Treatments in Aesthetic Medicine

Prof Debraj Shome, Plastic Surgery
Midface Rejuvenation: Combined Techniques
Dr. Nadine Hamada, Dermatology
Beauty Concepts and Facial Proportions as a Guideline for a More Beautiful Injection
Dr.Contessa Salvador-Alapag, Dermatology
Which are the Best Options for Non-Invasive Face-Lifting
Hair Restoration

Dr. Alan Bauman, Dermatology
Hair Loss 2021:  The Effective Medical Management of Androgenetic Alopecia &
Regenerative Medicine in Hair Restoration:  The Use of Cells, Signals and Scaffolds to Optimize the Chronobiology of the Hair Follicle

Prof. Debraj Shome, Plastic Surgery
Hair Growth Factor Injections (QR678) for Hair Loss Management
Dr.Kseniya Kobets, Dermatology
Tips and Pearls for Diagnosing and Treating Hair Loss in an Aesthetic Setting
Skin Pigmentation & Wound Healing
Stem Cell, PRP & Fat Grafting
Threads, Types & Techniques

Prof. John Kim, Aesthetic Medicine
V-Line Shaping by Novel Approach to Masseter Reduction

Toxins & Fillers
Dr. Julia Carroll, Dermatology
Lower Face Fillers & 7 Tips for Poly-L-Lactic Acid Treatment Success
Dr. Desmer Destang, Aesthetic Medicine
Tips and Tricks on Cosmeceuticals

Dr. Alessandro Gennai, Plastic Surgery
SEFFI (Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat Injection) to SEFFILLER:  The New Age of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine

Free Communications

Dr. Omnia M. Samra-Latif, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Use of CBD in Skincare and Health

Prof. Mucio Porto, Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic Gynecology: A New World Wave of Concepts and New Procedures
Dr. Alain Tenenbaum, Plastic Surgery
Ethnic Female Non-Surgical Gluteplasty by 3D Isovolumetric Chemical Myoplasty

**Check back often as we continue to include more speakers and topics! **


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