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AAAM Board Certification Courses provide Physicians (MD, DO, MBBS) with the latest achievements in the Aesthetic Medicine specialty to address patient expectations.

Our Training Partners
Outside of the US, our training collaboration partners are CBB Medical for Asia Pacific and Europe, IBC Medical for Middle East, India and Aesmedsa for South Africa.

Other than these parties, we are not collaborating with any other parties or medical professionals anywhere else to co-host or co-organise AAAM courses. Neither have we endorsed, approved, or consented to any other medical aesthetic training courses.

Registering For AAAM Courses
Doctors who intend to participate in any AAAM course must ensure they register only with us or with our authorized training collaboration partners named hereinabove for AAAM courses in the various geographical regions.

Passing Off
It has recently come to our attention of instances of aesthetic doctors offering training in aesthetic procedures, and without our knowledge, consent or authority, claiming or misrepresenting their training as being endorsed by, approved by, or associated with AAAM or any of our AAAM courses.  

Introducing More Secure Registration Protocol  
We are therefore introducing more secure registration protocol for better control over conduct and attendance at AAAM courses. set out below 

Subsisting Medical Licences A Pre-requisite to AAAM courses
  1. AAAM courses and board certifications are based on our in-house curriculum and standards and we have always stated that they are not medical licences to practice medicine anywhere in the world. We have always reminded that doctors are to ensure they comply with all applicable rules and regulations in their own country jurisdictions. We are in no position to have regard to doctors' ongoing competency which they themselves must be their own best judge. That is why AAAM have always required that doctors who seek to attend AAAM courses must show evidence of a subsisting valid medical licence in their home country.
  2. In the past, we have accepted evidence of such medical licence to be shown no later than at the AAAM courses themselves. Going forward, for better control over AAAM courses, we will require such evidence being satisfactorily produced at time of registration.
Request For Other Information At Registration
  1. As our community of doctors is aware, conventional medical schools, medical academia and medical boards have not and are not yet playing significant roles in aesthetic training and standards. Aesthetic medicine is not yet an officially conferred medical specialty. These are largely because aesthetic medicine is seen as a consumer elective and not as healing therapy. It is therefore just as well known, that our international aesthetic medicine community relies significantly on learning and training from peer-to-peer, by mentoring, or practical guidance, which can include training by organizations such as AAAM and others.
  2. Therefore, in the situation in para (1) above, various forms of such learning and training takes place globally. We, AAAM, is in no position to know or detect when any such training purportedly claim they are endorsed, approved, based on, or associated with AAAM. Instances of such unlawful purported claims have been reported to us as they seek unfairly to leverage on our years of track record in aesthetic training.
  3. Therefore, as part of the registration for taking part in AAAM courses, we would request registering doctors to inform us how they came to know of our courses and whether they are aware of any courses claiming any purported connection with AAAM. Such information, if any, can help us better protect the rights, and standing of AAAM courses and its doctor-attendees. 
Confirmation Of Rights
Finally, as part of registration process, we shall insert an acknowledgment statement that in registering and attending AAAM courses, doctor-attendees acknowledge AAAM owns its trade mark and logo, has copyrights over AAAM training contents supplied and that doctor-attendees shall not misuse the fact of attendance and completion of AAAM courses in any inappropriate marketing or representation. 

This Notice is made on 26 February 2018

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