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Course Information

We welcome licensed physicians (MD, DO, MBBS) , regardless of specialty, who have an interest in the science of Aesthetic Medicine to join AAAM Courses.

AAAM’s Unique Program offers:

objectiveAAAM faculty and Board of Director review
Objective & Non-commercial Content
AAAM courses are 100% non-commercial and comprehensive scientific programs allowing faculty to be objective while sharing their knowledge and skills with the course participants, without commercial bias. To ensure high quality scientific content, the curriculum is reviewed by AAAM faculty and Board of Directors.
high teaching standards and expertise
Expert Faculty
Unlike other similar courses, AAAM faculty are expert in their respective fields. Faculty are carefully selected to ensure AAAM maintains high teaching standards and expertise.
Individual courses for specific accreditation
Continuing Medical Education (CME)
CME Credit is available for a number of AAAM courses. Please see individual courses for specific accreditation information and number of CME credits available.
doctors learn in workshop sessions
Our faculty is highly interactive with participants, allowing adequate time for questions and answers, also incorporating an extensive "hands-on" approach helping the participants learn in workshop sessions. AAAM focuses on teaching safe techniques that can be performed in medical clinics.
first global leader in aesthetic medicine training and education
Global Recognition
AAAM courses are recognized across all continents in the world as it is the first global leader in aesthetic medicine training and education since 1999.

Note: It is imperative that doctor-attendees read and be familiar with the Course Registration Requirements

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